Égaliterre foundation aims for an equal distribution of land resources in order to reduce injustices leading to deadly conflicts. We encourage individual and collective self-sufficiency, so that everyone can benefit from a sharing that is free, pacified, durable and diversified.

We appreciate the inherent value of each individual. Égaliterre foundation has as its main priority the equality of land resources, in order to make this interpersonal appreciation possible, and enable the peaceful expression of human diversity.

We observe an inequality in the distribution of natural resources and we unite with others to make it equal.

Égaliterre foundation promotes biodiversity.
With the support of its “Biodiversity Council”, Égaliterre foundation offers specific guidance and follow-ups for each of its plots.

Égaliterre foundation encourages individual and collective self-sufficiency. We offer trainings so that each individual can meet their needs and freely choose the best mutual dependencies. 
Democracy starts with individual freedom – free from unequal social constraints.
“Diversity is born where free beings meet, and it is our greatest asset.”